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Leading Change in a World of Constant Change

Leading change in a world of constant change requires a different mindset and skill set. And that is where Randy Pennington comes in.

There are a lot of speakers out there who talk about managing change or even leading change. There are a lot of consultants who can help you develop and implement change strategy. There are very few who have actually led a successful change effort or – more important – helped multiple leaders in multiple industries and professions do so and are accomplished platform professionals with the ability to engage your audience.

Randy Pennington has over 20 years’ worth of experience doing both with organizations as large as 30,000 and as small as 125 in industries as diverse as utilities, telecommunications, higher education, professional services, and government agencies.

There are four ways we can help:


A keynote address to your organization with one of Randy’s signature keynotes: “Make Change Work™” or “Dodos & Coyotes: Only the Nimble Survive™”


Manager and leader education with Randy’s program “Make Change Work™”


Change advisory and navigation to assist your leaders with designing and implementing a strategy that allows you to be more successful at leading change to deliver meaningful business results


Change leadership coaching for leaders to equip your leaders to successfully lead change in their organizations

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Featured Praises for Make Change Work

"I could rename this book, “How tulips, dodo birds and coyotes changed the way I think about change.”  Interested now?  You should be.  This book is the most fascinating, practical book about dealing with change I’ve ever read."

Larry Winget, television personality and bestselling author of Grow A Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business and Your Sanity

Make Change Work is the best book I have read on the real inner- workings of change. It could have easily called The Future Belongs to the Coyote. Pennington does a great job of equating the emotional side of change with the pragmatic, “let’s get it done”, side. Lessons for the future rest on these pages, no matter how many change scenarios we might have dealt with as managers.”

Gary Nelon
Chairman, First Texas Bancorp

“The highest praise I can give a book: "you will use it."  Randy Pennington has written an extraordinary book about change (and leadership, and culture, and execution, and more) that you won't just enjoy reading, you will use the ideas in it the second you put it down.  From his thoughts on "what's on top of your refrigerator" to "unpacking the baggage," you'll be thinking "I can do that" and "We have to do that" and "Why haven't we done that?" and then you'll do it.  Let me say it flat out, Randy Pennington is the best business writer I know, and this book will significantly impact and improve the way you do business”.  

Joe Calloway, author, Be The Best At What Matters Most

“Randy worked with our global Human Resources team and his practical, high energy approach provided a catalyst for us to stop waiting for results and culture to happen and take personal ownership.   His latest book, Make Change Work, lays a simple path from the strategy to tactics for change. Randy teaches leaders to attack change not as a process to manage but a way of operating that is reinforced by good habits and constant reminders that we celebrate and reward people for taking on change that delivers results.”

Susan Kelliher
SVP Human Resources, Albemarle Corporation

"In order to make change work, we have to change the way we work. Period. Randy Pennington takes you on a journey to not only change but also how to lead transformation." 

Brian Solis, author of What's the Future of Business (WTF) and Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group

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