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Staying Nimble, Relevant,
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It’s ironic – constantly adapting, improving, and changing is more important than ever to remain competitive, inspire innovation, and ensure success.  And yet, success with change initiatives hasn’t actually improved that much in the past 20 years. Seventy percent of all change management programs fail to achieve their desired result.

Make Change Work is a guidebook for helping your team make change a strategic advantage. It is based on a very simple premise—our efforts to get others to change fail because they are usually over managed and under led. If your success in the future depends on being better tomorrow than you are today, you need Make Change Work


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Praises for Make Change Work

"Randy Pennington skillfully charts out the path to becoming a successful leader in an ever-changing world. His analysis and expertise provide valuable advice that can be adapted to all organizations and businesses."

Dr. Nido Qubein
President, High Point University; Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co

“Innovative. Insightful. Engaging. Actionable.  Most business books I read have one or two of those qualities -- but, Randy Pennington's new Make Change Work is an elite effort that captures all four.  His thoughts on change WILL truly change -- and enhance -- your business and career.  Buy it...read it...and make change work for YOU!”

Scott McKain
Author, Create Distinction

“My legal department wants everyone to know that my opinion doesn’t represent the official view of the company, but I love this book. Randy Pennington lays out a clear case for why making change work is a competitive advantage for your company, and then he shows you exactly what must be done to execute that strategy. Randy knows what works. His experience is front and center in this excellent book.”

Karen Klein
Senior Vice President, Transamerica Life Insurance Company

“This isn’t just another book about change; it is a manual written by a change leader with vast experience. Pennington’s deep work with a multitude of clients has enabled him to create a blueprint you can use to make change work in your business. Not only is it a good read, it produces results.”

Mark Sanborn
Best Selling Author of The Fred Factor and Fred 2.0

“Make Change Work is that rare book that combines strategic insights and direction with practical how-to ideas for addressing specific challenges. This book will help leaders at every level be more effective at driving change and delivering results.”

Mark Rieck
Executive Vice President, International Right of Way Association

“Filled with truths for ensuring you remain relevant in an ever changing environment, Pennington has masterfully captured his years of coaching and consulting in a concise, thought-provoking commentary on the challenges and solutions for successfully leading change.”

Terry Pankratz
Vice President for Budget & Finance
University of Texas at Dallas

"Leadership, by definition, is about change – making the case, preparing people, marshaling resources, producing desired outcomes, and making it stick. Make Change Work offers both foundational principles and practical playbook ideas to ensure success in the change journey. And it is written in a conversational, storytelling and sometimes humorous style making it accessible and quite effective for executives and managers at all levels. Make Change Work is an invaluable read for anyone who aspires to lead."

Henry S. Givray
President & CEO, SmithBucklin Corporation 

“Randy Pennington has articulated, in one book, the essentials of implementing real and lasting change.  His approach is easy to understand.  The methodologies and tools provided can readily be used or adapted to any organization.  I recommend it to anyone facing changes in their work environment, and, I think, that includes all of us.”

Michael Di Paolo
Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO
University of North Texas System

“Make Change Work is that rare business book that tells you what it takes to stay relevant and deliver results to the customers your serve AND shows you how to actually execute that change. Every member of your team should read and apply the lessons from this book. It could mean the difference between thriving and extinction.”

David DuBois, CAE, CMP, FASAE, CTA
President and CEO, International Association of Exhibitions and Events

“Dynamite does indeed come in small packages.  Make Change Work will explode so many myths about how and why change works. Randy Pennington has spent decades teaching leaders how to be better by changing the culture of their organizations.  He delivers a culture change toolkit in his latest, and as usual, easy reading book. It doesn’t matter if you are a manager expected to implement change or a person who feels intimidated by the change seeming to engulf you, this book will build your confidence to embrace and implement change.  Treat yourself to this enlightening book.  I have been leading change in government organizations for forty years.  I am a better change agent because I did.”

Leonard Martin
City Manager, City of Carrollton, Texas

“The most challenging aspect of successfully managing change is providing leadership to the individuals in your organization who must buy into your vision. Make Change Work provides real world, practical ideas for leading change – understanding that in order for organizations to change, the people in those organizations must change. Randy Pennington brings the importance of leadership into sharp focus and provides strategies you can use immediately to make change work.”

Chris Korst
Executive Vice President - Operations

"Randy Pennington has written the best book I have read on the subject of change. Most books talk about why change is needed; few tell how to tackle it and make it work for you. This book is packed with practical and actionable strategies on how to actually deal with change and how to lead it. His systematic approach will make a difference in your life and your organization. Simply put - read this and learn to love change"

Lisa Ford
Author, Exceptional Customer Service

"We're entering the period of the most accelerated change in human history.  The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs will be how to get in front of it and make it work.  Fortunately Randy Pennington just wrote a book on how to do just that.  If you are ready to become a change leader, read it."

Randy Gage
Author of the New York Times bestseller. "Risky Is the New Safe"

“I read more than 100 business books a year and Make Change Work is now my absolute favorite on dealing effectively with change. Randy delivers super ideas, sage advice and plenty of solid tools, all while keeping it fun and entertaining. To survive in the New Normal you MUST develop Nimblocity (being nimble with velocity) and Make Change Work is your handbook! This is a book your entire team should read!!!”

John Spence – One of the top 100 business thought leaders in America

“Randy Pennington’s new book, Make Change Work, is a must-read, innovative approach to dealing with the dynamics of change!  If you want to learn how to be a change leader, make this strategic investment in your future.  This book will heighten your awareness, give you bulleted action lists, and provide benefits you don’t want to be deprived of, so get it today and profit from it tomorrow!”

Don Hutson, co-author of the #1 New York Times best-selling The One Minute Entrepreneur, and CEO of U. S. Learning,

“Managing and leading change at every level in the organization is one of the most critical aspects to master, in order to grow your career and business, today and in the future. Randy Pennington has put together a book with realistic examples, expectations, and actionable items that deal with the world of change.  Make Change Work is a great road map and easy to apply book that will allow you to maximize your cultural competitive advantage and adapt to any challenge.”

Chris Moses,
VP Total Rewards and Performance Systems, Albemarle Corporation

"The most well written book about change and how to use it to your benefit.  In an uncertain world, the one thing we are certain of is change.  As I studied Randy's words, he has outlined the ways to embrace this change within your organization and personal life and to act upon it.  Unlike most authors Pennington has done years of research about what distinguishes great companies and leaders that have thrived in challenging and unstable environments.  With tips, calls to action, and the harsh reality of change, Randy really teaches you the tools you need to succeed in the ever so turbulent times of change."

Chad Hymas
Author, Doing What Must Be Done

Featured Praises for Make Change Work

"I could rename this book, “How tulips, dodo birds and coyotes changed the way I think about change.”  Interested now?  You should be.  This book is the most fascinating, practical book about dealing with change I’ve ever read."

Larry Winget, television personality and bestselling author of Grow A Pair: How to Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business and Your Sanity

Make Change Work is the best book I have read on the real inner- workings of change. It could have easily called The Future Belongs to the Coyote. Pennington does a great job of equating the emotional side of change with the pragmatic, “let’s get it done”, side. Lessons for the future rest on these pages, no matter how many change scenarios we might have dealt with as managers.”

Gary Nelon
Chairman, First Texas Bancorp

“The highest praise I can give a book: "you will use it."  Randy Pennington has written an extraordinary book about change (and leadership, and culture, and execution, and more) that you won't just enjoy reading, you will use the ideas in it the second you put it down.  From his thoughts on "what's on top of your refrigerator" to "unpacking the baggage," you'll be thinking "I can do that" and "We have to do that" and "Why haven't we done that?" and then you'll do it.  Let me say it flat out, Randy Pennington is the best business writer I know, and this book will significantly impact and improve the way you do business”.  

Joe Calloway, author, Be The Best At What Matters Most

“Randy worked with our global Human Resources team and his practical, high energy approach provided a catalyst for us to stop waiting for results and culture to happen and take personal ownership.   His latest book, Make Change Work, lays a simple path from the strategy to tactics for change. Randy teaches leaders to attack change not as a process to manage but a way of operating that is reinforced by good habits and constant reminders that we celebrate and reward people for taking on change that delivers results.”

Susan Kelliher
SVP Human Resources, Albemarle Corporation

"In order to make change work, we have to change the way we work. Period. Randy Pennington takes you on a journey to not only change but also how to lead transformation." 

Brian Solis, author of What's the Future of Business (WTF) and Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group

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