Where Are You Running?

/Where Are You Running?

Where Are You Running?

Sorry I haven’t written in the past two weeks. I’ve been running.

But, I’m betting that you have been running, too.

Most of the people I speak with today describe their life as running as fast and far as they can … and then being asked to run even faster and farther.

One of the participants in a leadership boot camp I’m conducting for a client asked for help with time management. It turns out that she didn’t really need time management tips at all. She keeps a calendar with priorities, and she knows all of the time management techniques she needs to be successful. In fact, this leader is widely considered to be very effective by her colleagues.

The problem that we face isn’t time management. It is focus and resource allocation to be more effective.

Let’s agree that demands on our time, energy, focus, creativity, and resources are increasing. And, we can assume that those demands will continue to grow as the world becomes even more competitive.

We are all running as fast and far as we can. The important questions are “from what” and “to where?”

Here is a short list of places that we should be running both from and to based on my experience in the past few weeks.

Run from:

  • Toxic people who suck your energy and leave you tired, frustrated, or angry.
  • Activities that do not advance your purpose.
  • Activities that others either could or should be doing – especially if they have given them to you as a way to shift the responsibility.
  • Customers that actually cost you money rather than make you money.
  • Anyone who wants to sell you their solution rather than solve your problem.

Run to:

  • Relationships (both personal and business) that support and sustain you.
  • New ideas, knowledge, and skills that excite you and help you achieve your goals.
  • Relevancy to the customers you serve.
  • Activities that only you should or can do.
  • Opportunities to add value and help others succeed.

Chime in with your ideas.

We are all going to be running. The only question is where.

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