24 11, 2014

The Big Lies That Are Hurting People That People LOVE To Believe

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From Mark Sanborn: “You can have it all.” No, you really can’t. Some of the unhappiest people I know are those who bought into that whopper. They lack priorities, choose uncomplimentary or conflicting values and wear themselves out pursuing every activity. Try eating all you want and keeping your weight [...]

18 11, 2014

Why Your Story Trumps Your Resume

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I had the good fortune to meet and work with Bill McDermott years ago when he was with Xerox. Since then he has gone on to lead SAP and now write an excellent book titled Winners Dream: A Journey from the Corner Store to the Corner Office. Bill was gracious [...]

10 11, 2014

The Battle for Relevance

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  You and your business are more likely to become irrelevant before you ever become obsolete. Blackberry is a great example. Its market share for smartphones was 40% in 2010. It is less than 2% today despite an 85% growth in the number of annual smartphone sales. Blackberry didn’t lose [...]

3 11, 2014

Who Creates Jobs?

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent political commentators into high gear with her statement that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs. She went on to say that trickle-down economics has proven to be a poor tool to create jobs and that her husband did more to help working families [...]

27 10, 2014

What’s Right and What’s Wrong With Our Role Models Today?

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From Larry Winget: Role models are nothing more than a reflection of what we value. When we value honesty, integrity, doing the right thing, morals, good parenting, leadership and hard work, we will have role models who exemplify those values. Since we instead value fame, celebrity, being pretty and living [...]

20 10, 2014

Embrace the Coyote: Creating & Sustaining a Nimble Culture

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The Road Runner cartoons are wrong. Wile E. Coyote is the exception rather than the rule. Coyotes are idea models for remaining nimble and flourishing in the face of change. Need proof? They continue to grow and expand in the face of continuous human encroachment on their territory. They do [...]

12 10, 2014

How to Work With a Jerk

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From Joe Calloway: OK – here’s my answer. It’s the answer for me and not necessarily for you. The answer is that you don’t work with a jerk. My vendors and colleagues aren’t jerks. My customers aren’t jerks because we have a finely tuned“ jerk filter” on the front end [...]

5 10, 2014

Pay for Presence or Pay for Results?

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How much paid vacation do you receive from your company? Do you take it all, or do you find yourself giving or banking time at the end of the year? Would you take more time off if you were allowed? Even if it meant that your team would underperform or [...]

16 09, 2014

What is the biggest enemy of Business Success?

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From Mark Sanborn: The worst enemy of business? Indifference. Indifference is a lack of concern, interest or sympathy and it hurts business in two areas: people & process. A lack of concern for your employees/colleagues and your customers/clients is the quickest way to destroy commitment and loyalty. Even when you [...]

8 09, 2014

The Truth About Your Results

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Your business, and your life are perfectly situated, organized, and operated to achieve the results you are achieving today. In short, you are exactly where you have earned the right to be. Don’t you hate that? The self we imagine would have been a star in our chosen field. We [...]