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See & Hear Randy

Here's your opportunity to see Randy in action.


Randy’s Preview on Change

Award-winning author, consultant, and keynote speaker Randy Pennington provides insights to help leaders and organizations make change work.

Randy’s Preview on Leadership

Meet leadership and business strategy expert Randy Pennington.

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Randy — In his own words

Award-winning author, consultant, and keynote speaker Randy Pennington talks about who he is, what he does, and what makes him unique.

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The Toothpaste Story

Are $0.79 problems destroying your business? Randy takes a humorous look at how the reluctance to confront people gets in the way of success.

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The Dolphin Story

Randy looks at how leaders build partnerships with customers and employees by applying the lessons learned while swimming with dolphins.

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Three minutes on Results Rule!

Randy shares ideas on succeeding in any economy based on principles from his award-winning book, Results Rule! Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away.

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Build a Great Culture For Your Operation

Randy talks about how an organization's culture develops.

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Why We Change

There is a simple way to know that your customers love you - they voluntarily sell for you. Randy describes how Cantina Laredo and Fernando the waiter have taken him from a loyal customer to a partner.

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