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RESULTS RULE!® Be a Hero in a “Me Too” World

Your organization is either a hero, has-been, or wanna-be. That’s where creating a Results Rule! culture will turn your uniqueness into a competitive asset that clears the playing field.

page_img_03Results Rule! is all about getting focused on producing results year… after year… after year and breaking out of the “me too” club.

The marketplace never lies – Results Rule!

Randy Pennington is a 20+ year business performance veteran and an expert in helping companies build a culture focused on results. His insights align the strategic issues of relationships, accountability, and results to create a sustainable competitive advantage in a “me too” world!

The keynote:

  • Establish a clear distinction between you and… the other guy
  • Build and grow a culture focused on producing results
  • Create the catalyst for enhancing customer value and increased effectiveness in everything you do

A compelling culture is the competitive asset that sets you apart. Here’s an opportunity to stop standing in the way of your own success.


Seminar or Workshop of 90 minutes to a full day.

Best Audience:

Anyone who is responsible for building and sustaining a strong culture.

Alternative Titles:

  • Results Rule!® Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away
  • Change Your Culture – Change Your Results