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Randy helps leaders build cultures focused on results, relationships, and accountability. Some days, that means giving a presentation. Some days, that means diving deeper to help you achieve your organizational success.

No problem. Randy is an expert at working arm-in-arm with clients to implement change, develop and coach leaders, and develop strategy to help them succeed in their marketplace.

Culture Change & Transformation

A compelling culture where every person at every level is committed to delivering amazing results is the intangible that sets you apart in a world where products and services are viewed as interchangeable.

Randy has been helping organizations change their culture and change their results for over twenty years.

Randy has served as a guide, consultant, and educator on over fifty, long-term organizational change projects including work with:

  • A public university system to create and sustain a high-performance culture that improves efficiencies and effectiveness in a shared services environment
  • The Technology Services department of a national insurance brand to build a culture and team framework that engages staff and improves responsiveness to customers
  • A public utility company to improve the employee relations and communications culture
  • A telecommunications company to create a culture that retains staff
  • A municipal government to transition to a high-performing culture that maintains service levels while reducing staff size
  • A tier-one research university to create a customer-focused, employee-centric culture in its financial management, human resources, and information technology departments

Randy doesn’t just talk about organization and culture change, he helps you make it real!

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Strategic Planning and Visioning

The Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland was right – if you don’t care where you go then it doesn’t really matter which way you go. Randy has facilitated strategic visioning and planning sessions with companies, not-for-profits, professional and trade associations, and entire communities.

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Executive Coaching and Advisory Services

There are times when leaders need a strategic partner to help them focus and deliver results. Randy provides executive advisory and coaching services to leaders who see the value of an individualized plan to leverage their capacity; increase their capability; develop strategy, lead change, and ensure accountability.

Coaching assignments range from managers to C-Suite executives to business owners. Each coaching relationship is uniquely designed to achieve observable results.

Past assignments have addressed the following challenges and opportunities:

  • Leading change
  • Growing and managing the business
  • Strategic alignment
  • Leading people and teams
  • Ensuring individual and organizational accountability
  • Visioning, strategy development, and goal setting
  • Executive presence and communication
  • Developing others
  • Working with others including communication and conflict-management skills
  • Career growth to prepare for increased leadership responsibilities
  • Building and sustaining a culture that delivers results

We believe that your coach should be a trusted partner. That is why the first step is always a conversation to discuss your goals and ensure that there is a personal fit.

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Skillful facilitation resembles a tap dance, shuffle, and tango all performed simultaneously to the unique rhythm of each group. The purpose is simple — to help the group reach its goals by utilizing its own experience and strengths.
Randy Pennington has facilitated interactive sessions with groups ranging from 5 to 500. His experience includes conducting focus group sessions; moderating customer/industry expert panels; leading partnering seminars; facilitating Board of Director and strategic planning retreats; and guiding an entire community’s visioning process.

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POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management (PPM) is the proven tool for building a corporate culture committed to achieving results, maintaining positive working relationships, and promoting individual responsibility.


Positive Performance® Management takes a simple, yet profound idea – treating individuals as valued partners means that you earn the right to expect them to act as valued partners – and transforms it into an operating philosophy and practice that increases productivity, reduces turnover, creates positive relationships between managers and their teams, and increases effectiveness and defensibility when performance problems arise.

Randy Pennington has over 20 years experience helping leading organizations such as Sprint, Alabama Power Company, and Texas A&M University design, implement, and sustain performance management and non-punitive discipline processes that turn good intentions into action that delivers results.

Learn more about POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management

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