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Have you ever watched a leader make a decision or take an action and think, “They ought to know better.”

I find that sentiment to be especially true when it comes to people issues. Leaders ought to know how to motivate others. They ought to know how to treat people with respect and act with honesty. They ought to know how to take action and make good decisions.

Yes, they ought to, but most of what leaders really need to know to be successful is absent from most academic business schools and many corporate development programs.

That is where Phillip Van Hooser comes in.

Phil knows what leaders ought to know, and he shares it in his new book, Leaders Ought to Know: 11 Ground Rules for Common Sense Leadership.

I’ve known Phil for over 20 years, and I am honored to count him as a friend. During that time, I’ve seen him in leadership positions and sat across the table from his as we made significant strategic and financial decisions. He knows what works.

This is the perfect book for every person who is just beginning her or his leadership journey. And, it is the perfect reminder for mid-level and executive leaders who believe that there is no more that they need to learn.

Leaders Ought to Know is one of those books that you will refer to often. The truths Phil shares will work if you are leading in a corporate, not-for-profit, or family setting.

Do yourself and your career a favor. Buy Leaders Ought to Know right now. And while you are at it, buy one for every leader on your team. This book makes an excellent tool for group study.

Leaders are defined by their results, and Leaders Ought to Know will provide you the insights to do that while earning the respect and commitment from your team.