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The Journey to Integrity-Driven® Leadership

What if you could have a blueprint for becoming the leader you always wanted to be ... one who achieves results and inspires trust?

What if that blueprint had been field-tested by hundreds of thousands of leaders from all walks of life?

Here’s the news – the blueprint exists. Forty simple words will transform you into an integrity-driven leader in your business and your life.

The keynote:

This content-rich session lays out the blueprint for how integrity-driven leaders succeed. Participants will learn:

  • The forty simple words that lead you to success as a leader
  • How integrity-driven leaders follow their core when times are tough
  • How to become the leader who inspires trust, respect, commitment, and results from others

Seminars/Workshops/Breakout Sessions


Participants in this fast-paced, interactive session learn what it takes to deliver results while earning and maintaining the trust of others. Topics covered include*:

  • Three levels of leadership responsibility
  • What makes integrity-driven leaders different
  • Eight characteristics of INTEGRITY-DRIVEN Leaders
  • Seven leadership tasks which achieve results, build trust and develop commitment

FORMATS: Seminar or Workshop of 90 minutes to a full day.

*Topics and skills covered are determined by group objectives and time allotted.


A new standard for responsibility, integrity and doing what’s right is emerging. Organizations which measure up will enjoy a competitive advantage through stronger relationships, trust and loyalty.

In this fast-paced, example filled session, participants will learn:

  • Why strong relationships are the strategic advantage of the future
  • The three tools for competing in today’s environment and how to use them to build trust and loyalty
  • Seven techniques individuals can use to act with integrity and earn the trust of others
  • Five steps for building an organization where integrity and trust are a way of life
  • The two most forgotten secrets for building relationships based on integrity, trust & commitment

This session is an ideal workshop or breakout session for groups concerned with sending the message that integrity matters to staff at all levels.

FORMATS: Seminar or Workshop of 90 minutes to 3 hours.

*Case studies and exercises are personalized for your industry or company.

INTEGRITY-DRIVEN Leadership is a trademark of Pennington Performance Group, Addison, Texas.

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