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Heeding Wisdom – A Guest Blog from Mark Sanborn

A Note from Randy Pennington
Remember the definition of insanity: Doing what you have always done and expecting to get different results?

That truth has never been more relevant than today, and yet we are all guilty of failing to heed a piece of wisdom that would help us deliver amazing results.

Mark Sanborn has written an excellent new book titled Up, Down, or Sideways. In it, he devotes a chapter to what prevents us from doing what needs to be done to achieve results. I asked him to share his key observations in this this blog.

Heeding Wisdom

If you have children over the age of, oh, a few months, you’ve no doubt experienced what it’s like to see good advice go unheeded. This happens particularly often as children grow into that stage when they know far more than their parents, which usually coincides with the teen years.

Unfortunately, this affliction isn’t confined to teenagers. We all experience those times when we fail to take good advice — even at times when we know we should. Welcome to the human species, where pride goes before the fall and stubbornness is the bricks in the road to tribulation.

When I was researching and writing Up, Down, or Sideways, I realized that many of the things we should do regardless of circumstances are pretty basic and rooted in common sense. Yet, we don’t do them consistently.
The answer lies in understanding the seven basic stages that most of us go through when it comes to wisdom. Most of these stages represent barriers to living out that wisdom. They are …

    1. We don’t know (e.g., we’re ignorant).
    2. We know but don’t believe (e.g., we don’t think a particular truth applies to us or our situation).
    3. We know and believe but still don’t do it (e.g., we lack conviction because it’s difficult, inconvenient, or unnecessary).
    4. We know and believe but we can’t do it (e.g., we lack the skills to do it).
    5. We know and do inconsistently (e.g., we get lazy or forgetful or distracted).
    6. We know and do consistently (e.g., we’ve formed a good habit that we consciously cultivate).
    7. We know and make it second nature (e.g., it’s become part of who we are).

What are your barriers to applying good advice? Identify them. Bash them. Then make good habits of wisdom that comes your way.

This blog is based on content from Mark Sanborn’s latest book, Up, Down, Or Sideways. It is available wherever you buy great books. Click here to learn more about the book or click here to order it from Amazon.com.

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