Challenge Your Thinking. Focus Your Execution. Deliver Your Results.

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Challenge Your Thinking. Focus Your Execution. Deliver Your Results.

The walls of The Loomis Agency are adorned with pictures of dogs. There are so many photos and references to our beloved canine companions that conspiracy theorists might wonder if the company is secretly reviving the Egyptian practice of animal worship.

Michael Tuggle, Chief Imagination Officer for the Agency, told me that this award-winning ad agency had always identified with the underdog status of the challenger brand. And, they really hit their stride when they gained absolute clarity about their focus and purpose.

Here’s the formula: CoF(VtC) + DE = DR

Translated that means Clarity of Focus multiplied by Value to Customers plus Disciplined Execution equals desired results.

Every element of the equation is critical, and it all starts with challenging your thinking to gain absolute clarity about how you can add value to your customers and what it takes to deliver disciplined execution that solidifies your place as your customer’s resource for results.

Important Questions

Here are three important questions to ask yourself and your team to challenge your thinking and gain the level of clarity that enables your desired results.

  1. Who are we best suited to serve, and what are the opportunities that energize us? The Loomis Agency has the talent and experience to succeed with any type of client. They are best suited for and energized by the opportunity to work with companies that are or want to behave like the underdog.
  2. What scope and level of products and services must we provide and master to consistently help our customers win? The Loomis Agency offers a full range of products and services even though they are not the largest agency in the marketplace. They accomplish this through clarity around the products and services; competencies; and cultural fit they need to deliver results their clients value.
  3. What are the processes, tools, and resources we must provide and continually improve to enable consistent, disciplined execution? Your competitors have a brand story and promise that is, on the surface, comparable to yours. No one ever admits that the words on their website are just that – words on a page. It isn’t enough to execute for one day, one week, or one month. Customers value and will reward a level of disciplined execution that removes doubt from the equation and continually improves.

A Never Ending Exercise

The leaders and organizations that thrive in an uncertain world know that past success proves you were once right. It is not enough to challenge your thinking one time at an off-site strategic planning event. It happens every day at every level. There is a sense of optimistic paranoia that makes the happy for the results of today and worried about the results of tomorrow. They share a commitment to consciously challenging their thinking to focus their execution and deliver results.


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