8 05, 2017

Are People Really Important in Your Culture?

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Recently, a client asked for help to understand why it struggles with creating a culture that values and engages people.  In a moment of absolute clarity and candor, a mid-level manager said, “I think we have to be honest. We don’t really care all that much about the people who [...]

16 04, 2017

Using the United Fiasco to Flourish in the Future

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How many “experts” does it take to offer commentary and advice on a customer service catastrophe? The apparent answer is, “All of them.” This post, however, isn’t about what United Airlines did right or wrong on flight 3411. It is about the lessons you should learn and changes you need [...]

16 04, 2016

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What’s Missing in Our Campaigns

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It is “silly season” in the United States—a time when those seeking to represent others in elected office engage in the dating ritual known as campaigning. The debate of divergent ideas consumes the airwaves. It streams across the Internet, fills social media feeds; and populates the pages of the print [...]

7 03, 2016

How Perspective, Perception, and Baggage Inhibit Change

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My father had a problem. He was the shop manager for the International Harvester tractor and truck dealership in the small town where I grew up, and his staff was upset about their pay. There was no Human Resources department in those days, and today’s HR professionals would never allow [...]

29 02, 2016

Change Leaders or Change Managers: It Depends on Your Focus

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Allan was at his wits’ end. The transformation team he was leading was in chaos. Their work was stalled, and their carefully crafted plan was in danger of being obliterated by discord, disagreement, and in a few cases, near-mutiny. During our conversation, Allan lamented about how well everyone initially worked [...]

31 01, 2016

Want to Flourish in the Future? Be a Coyote Not a Unicorn

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They call them Unicorns—privately held technology companies valued at one billion dollars or more based on a disruptive idea that might … or might not work. Who wouldn’t want to be the Unicorn of their industry? These darlings of the business press and investment community get to grow as fast [...]

28 12, 2015

Will Your New Year’s Resolutions Be More Than Talk?

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Most of the talk about New Year’s Resolutions is just that – talk. Despite all of our good intentions, most people won’t achieve their goals for the coming year. Research released by the University of Scranton Psychology Department reports that only 8 percent of Americans are regularly successful in achieving [...]

8 11, 2015

How to Keep Your Business from Being Uberized

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Are you afraid of being Uberized? You should be. Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft aren’t just the poster children for the Sharing Economy; they represent the continuation of a truth that is as old as civilization:  someone is actively thinking about how to leverage technology to disrupt your industry. This isn’t [...]