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21 02, 2011

Wound Up in Wisconsin

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You may not think of Wisconsin as the epicenter of the labor movement. And yet, thousands of protestors converged on the Wisconsin state house in Madison. So let’s look at who’s wrong, who’s right, and what’s right as the battle over the Wisconsin budget crisis plays out.

10 01, 2011

Can You Teach Leaders About Integrity?

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Training & Development Magazine ran a great article in its December 2010 issue titled "2010: Six Trends That Will Change Workplace Learning Forever." The first trend identified was the problem with leadership. Specifically, the article said that “consumers had a low perception of leaders and very little trust in corporate America.” The article makes an excellent case for teaching leaders how to act with integrity ... and then it bailed out.

29 11, 2010

Leader or Liar?

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We choose every day. Consciously or not, we make it nonetheless. Are we a leader or a liar? Here is the challenge – we know our intentions, but simply look at our behavior and performance filtered through their lens of perception. Did we do what we said we would do? We may see ourselves as a leader, but to others we are simply lying to them or ourselves.