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15 09, 2017

Are You a Leader or Liar?

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Imagine wearing a large button with the words “Leader” and “Liar” written in opposite directions so that one of the words is always readable to others. How would those you wish to influence position that button on you? Would they say you are a leader or a liar? The comparison [...]

27 10, 2014

What’s Right and What’s Wrong With Our Role Models Today?

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From Larry Winget: Role models are nothing more than a reflection of what we value. When we value honesty, integrity, doing the right thing, morals, good parenting, leadership and hard work, we will have role models who exemplify those values. Since we instead value fame, celebrity, being pretty and living [...]

28 08, 2014

Leaders and Posers

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I have stayed away from any direct public comment about the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. I don’t know the facts, and any comment would be pure conjecture. But, I do know what I’ve seen in the way of leadership from the players involved. With very few exceptions, [...]

4 08, 2014

What You Should and Shouldn’t Sacrifice to Reach Your Goals

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From Joe Calloway: I found this definition of sacrifice: “to give up something for something else considered more important.”  I’m going with that. If you’ve set the right goal, you should sacrifice pretty much anything and everything for it, because if it’s your goal – then you’ve decided it’s most important. [...]

28 07, 2014

Slow Down Time to Experience Richer Results

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I saw the movie Lucy this weekend. If you like a good sci-fi action movie combination put this one on your list. It isn’t amazing, but it will make you think. At one point, Lucy (played by Scarlett Johansson) shows a group of researchers that an image can be sped [...]

17 06, 2014

The Fault in Our Institutions is the Fault Within Ourselves

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The lack of confidence in the institutions that define our collective culture is threatening the civility, economic prosperity, and standing of the United States as a world leader. Let’s start with the government. The President’s approval rating is underwater and continuing to sink. A recent Gallup poll found that only [...]

12 06, 2014

Is It Always Right to Be Right?

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The 1971 Oscar in the Short Film, Cartoon category went to a piece titled “Is It Always Right To Be Right.” It was directed by Lee Mishkin, narrated by Orson Welles, and written by Warren Schmidt. The opening words of the film are: There once was a land where people were always right. They knew they were right and they were proud of it. It was a land where people stated with confidence, "I am right and you are wrong." These were words of conviction, courage, strength, and moral certainty. In this fictional land, any attempt at cooperation and understanding were viewed as cowardice and weakness. Everyone was so convinced of their rightness that no one dared to utter words such as, “You may be right” or “I may be wrong.”

13 05, 2014

Focus on What Truly Matters

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These days it seems that we’re all so busy, overcommitted, and information-obsessed. Our never-ending to-do lists are long and we run around trying to “keep up” or “be important,” and in the process stress ourselves out. Unfortunately, it often takes something bad to happen to slow us down, wake us up, and force us to focus on what truly matters most in life.

27 04, 2014

Defining Integrity: How Leaders Earn Trust & Respect

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How do you define integrity? Is there an absolute definition? Or, do you find yourself quoting the phrase made famous by Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart: “I know it when I see it”? We know that it appears at or near the top of every list of desirable leadership traits. It is the essential ingredient for building and sustaining trust with others. Go ahead—take a stab at it. Integrity is . . . It is more difficult to define integrity than you thought, isn’t it?