19 05, 2015

Do You Have a Culture of Service or a Culture of Serving?

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The names that regularly appear at the top of every list for amazing customer experiences and service are familiar: USAA, Amazon, Chick-fil-A, Publix, and Zappos. And sadly, so are names that appear at or near the bottom in every survey. The difference between the perpetual have’s and the consistent have [...]

12 05, 2015

You’re Fired! Common Mistakes That Lose Customers

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From Randy Pennington: We fired the service that had done all of our lawn care, landscaping, tree trimming, and holiday lights for 17 years. There wasn’t one single incident that caused us to leave. It was the culmination of a number of little things over an 18 month period. In [...]

21 04, 2015

If Speaking Was a Trade

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A prospect recently asked my fee for a one-hour speech. Their response to my answer was, “I thought plumbers and electricians were expensive.” With absolutely no disrespect to those who work in the trades, my clients would freak if I ran my business like the trades. First, the total hourly [...]

31 03, 2015

What To Do About the Biggest Problems Facing Business

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In our last blog, The Five Friends each gave their opinion about what they considered to be the biggest problems facing businesses in the next five years. In this blog, each will give their solution to the problem they discussed.  From Randy Pennington: How do you become more nimble and [...]

15 03, 2015

What Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Businesses In The Next Five Years?

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From Mark Sanborn: The biggest challenge businesses will face in the next five years is meeting increasing customer expectations. There is a current dilemma that will only get worse: the more you do for customers, the more they expect. Excellent service providers scramble to meet the expectations of customers who [...]

29 01, 2015

From Fully Successful to High Performance

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Leaders are known by their results. Your organization’s results improve when the performance of you and your people improves. It sounds obvious, and yet performance development remains, at best, an oxymoron along with jumbo shrimp, responsible teenager, and airline food. At worst, it is an overused promise with as much street [...]

5 10, 2014

Pay for Presence or Pay for Results?

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How much paid vacation do you receive from your company? Do you take it all, or do you find yourself giving or banking time at the end of the year? Would you take more time off if you were allowed? Even if it meant that your team would underperform or [...]

30 09, 2014

How Important is Teamwork to Business Success?

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From Randy Pennington: It depends on your definition of “teamwork.”  It is absolutely critical if you define teamwork as everyone having a shared vision; clear roles and responsibilities; delivering their best to help the entire unit succeed; and keeping personal differences from derailing the group’s performance and results. The problem [...]

21 09, 2014

Leading Change Isn’t About the Model

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There is no shortage of change models being pushed by authors and consultants. Each claims their supporters and detractors. I have one as well. It is the latest iteration of a model I developed and began using and presenting in 1989. Twice in the past two weeks perspective clients have [...]

8 09, 2014

The Truth About Your Results

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Your business, and your life are perfectly situated, organized, and operated to achieve the results you are achieving today. In short, you are exactly where you have earned the right to be. Don’t you hate that? The self we imagine would have been a star in our chosen field. We [...]