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If Shakespeare Wrote About Business Today

You may not remember Dick the Butcher. He was a rather forgettable character in William Shakespeare’s play, Henry VI, Part II. The chances are good, however, that you remember Dick’s famous line: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Henry VI addresses England’s loss of its territories to the French and, most important, the personal jealousies that tor the political system apart. Dick, a follower of the anarchist character Jack Cade, believes that lawyers played an active role in keeping the common people down.

So what would Shakespeare’s character say today if he were to write about the poor performance and caustic environment that plagues many organizations and keeps workers from being productive?
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Getting Past Perception

Fourteen senators leave the state. 60,000 plus show up to demonstrate. And, the next thing you know there’s a national debate on the role of public employee unions in the state budget crisis occurring throughout the country.

Those who support the unions see this as a not-so-veiled attempt to alter the essence of collective bargaining and limit the people’s right to protest. Union members see it as a fundamental challenge to their right to organize, and in some cases, a violation of their contract. The union leadership no doubt sees it as payback for supporting Democratic and pro-labor candidates.

Those who support the various initiatives view this as a much needed step to reign in spending that is out of control. They view unions as – at worst – the enemy that have secured salary and benefits that are unavailable to them as private sector employees. “Why should government employees experience no pain when they are out of work,” they ask. There are probably even Republicans who view this as the perfect opportunity to weaken a political opponent.

The problem with perceptions is that it only takes one act to prove you are right. As the saying goes, “All Indians walk in single file. I know that to be true because the one I saw was doing it that way.”

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2011 Business & Workplace Predictions

We’ve been doing annual business and workplace predictions for our clients since 2005. This year we are sharing them with a broader audience.

We’ll begin with a review of our 2010 predictions. Here’s are the five predictions we made going into last year:
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Yes, But How?

Consciously changing – even tweaking – a culture is hard work.. There is no twelve-step program. There are choices you can make that, over time, will help you repair a damaged culture or sustain and grow a positive one. Continue reading

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Are You Vulnerable for an Employee Exodus?

Your best employees are contemplating quitting. Some of them already have.
Increased turnover always occurs after a recession. Pent up demand for new talent combines with pent up desire for something better, and the people with the best skills – your star employees – start listening to the offers for more money and opportunity.

Are you vulnerable? Chances are the answer is yes if you are guilty of any of the following:
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Is Your Culture in Trouble?

A compelling organizational culture is the intangible that provides a sustainable competitive advantage. A destructive one breeds mistrust, apathy, and eventual decline in performance.

Here are seven indicators that your culture is deteriorating or even worse — in a total meltdown. Continue reading

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