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Break the S-R Loop to Make Change Work

We taught mice and pigeons to do all sorts of interesting things during my graduate school class in behavioral psychology. The principle is simple: provide a stimulus and elicit a response. The stimulus-response cycle still plays an important role in animal training today. And, it is evident in virtually every routine action we take.

You don’t think about your response; you just make it. And at some point, it becomes automatic. On most days, those automatic responses are benign routines that allow you to effectively navigate.

Unfortunately, they can also become anchors that prevent you from making a change that will transform your business and your life.
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What Political Races Can Teach Us About Standing Out in Our Marketplace

Who do you choose when there is very little difference between the choices?

Do you take the time to understand the small factors that might distinguish one choice from another, or do you go with what is easy or the name that you hear the most often?

There are four individuals running to represent their party for the office of state representative in the area where I live. All four seem like nice people, and all four are virtually indistinguishable in their stance on the issues. Seriously, you could copy and paste any of their individual responses onto the web site for any of their competitors, and no one would notice. Continue reading

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Randy’s Reading Two Great Books on Presentations

Brilliance is often ignored because of poor presentation. It is unfortunate, but it is true. That is why I’m excited to recommend two excellent books on making more effective presentations. Continue reading

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