About Randy

Glad you’ve found my blog!

Here’s a bit of background information.

Technically, I am an author, consultant, and resource to leaders. My “job” – so to speak – is  helping leaders build a culture focused on results, relationships, and accountability. Fortunately, that is also something I enjoy since I’ve been at it for over twenty years.

The conceptual and theoretical aspects of leadership and delivering results are interesting, but I always look for application in the real world. I am – fist and foremost – someone who helps people identify and implement solutions.

My personal journey has taken me from being a locker room attendant at a municipal swimming pool to consulting in the Board rooms of corporate America.

Along the way, I’ve been a…

  • senior executive in a start-up mental health facility;
  • HR professional in a 25,000 employee government agency;
  • recreation therapist in a psychiatric hospital;
  • CFO of a multi-million dollar professional services firm;
  • tire and appliance salesman;
  • Chairman of the Board for a $17 million dollar non-profit and multi-million dollar foundation;
  • entrepreneur; and
  • professional musician at Six Flags Over Texas.

Lately, I’ve been busy as…

  • President, Pennington Performance Group
  • Author of On My Honor, I Will and Results Rule!
  • Creator of INTEGRITY-DRIVEN® Leadership
  • Creator of POSITIVE PERFORMANCE® Management
  • Commentator for media including The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Executive Excellence, on CNN, Fox News, the BBC, the ABC radio network, various local radio and TV stations in the US
  • Author of over 500 published articles in leading business and trade journals
  • Adjunct instructor in the Cox Business Leadership Center at Southern Methodist University and winner of numerous Excellence in Teaching awards
SCARIEST WORDS FROM MY MOUTH (according to my wife)
“Hey, I’ve been thinking”

But here’s what I think anyway!

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