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Are You in an Accountability Crisis?

There are a lot of factors that could contribute to your lack of results – time, talent, resources – but for most of us the difference between excellence and mediocrity comes down to accountability.

Accountability requires courage: Courage to tell and value the truth. Courage to remain keenly focused on results that matter, and courage to be relentless and unwavering as we look at contribution and behavior. The failure to stem a crisis of accountability places us on the path to mediocrity and worse – irrelevance. Continue reading

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Lead the Experience

Why do certain companies, brands, and even people stand out in a world where everyone is basically saying and doing the same things?

For the most part, we all get it wrong. We focus on the tools – like marketing campaigns, social media, and advertising – and ignore the goal – to make customers want to do business with us. Here are three things you can do to define and deliver an experience that sets you apart:

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The Rewards of Staying Stupid

I published a piece titled “Stupid Has Its Own Momentum” in November 2010. Since then, examples of stupid having its own momentum. have continued … and continued … and continued.

Stupid maintains its own momentum because there are incentives to do so. Here are three powerful rewards to stay stupid:

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What It Takes to Live and Lead with Integrity

Integrity appears at or near the top of every list of desirable leadership traits. We claim it as the mantle of the leaders with whom we agree and decry its absence in those with whom we disagree.

You would think a behavior and characteristic so widely accepted as important could be universally defined.

So go ahead—take a stab at it. Integrity is . . .

It is not as easy as you thought, is it? And that is the challenge: You can’t live or lead with integrity – or expect others to do so – if you can’t clearly define it?
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