Avoid Negotiaphobia

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Avoid Negotiaphobia

Ever have a feeling in the pit of your stomach before a negotiation because you don’t want to leave a pile of money on the table? You are likely suffering from Negotiaphobia, and there is a cure.

In today’s competitive market, you will increase your results and profits from learning better negotiation skills.

That’s why you need to know about The One Minute Negotiator. This great little book by Don Hutson and George Lucas gives you just what the sub-title says: Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements.

Becoming a skilled negotiator will make you more successful in every aspect of your job and your life. Hutson and Lucas share their “EASY” method for a successful result: E.A.S.Y (Engage, Assess, Strategize, Your One Minute Drill).

The One Minute Negotiator is the perfect book for the person just learning negotiation skills or the experienced negotiator who needs a reminder. You can purchase it at http://tiny.cc/u2qpt.

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