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Here’s your opportunity to see Randy in action.


Randy’s Keynote Preview Video

Meet Randy Pennington – expert in change, corporate culture, and leadership.

Randy’s Preview on Change

Award-winning author, consultant, and keynote speaker Randy Pennington provides insights to help leaders and organizations make change work.

Randy — In his own words

Award-winning author, consultant, and keynote speaker Randy Pennington talks about who he is, what he does, and what makes him unique.

The Toothpaste Story

Are $0.79 problems destroying your business? Randy takes a humorous look at how the reluctance to confront people gets in the way of success.

The Dolphin Story

Randy looks at how leaders build partnerships with customers and employees by applying the lessons learned while swimming with dolphins.

Three minutes on Results Rule!

Randy shares ideas on succeeding in any economy based on principles from his award-winning book, Results Rule! Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away.

Build a Great Culture For Your Operation

Randy talks about how an organization’s culture develops.

Why We Change named Randy Pennington one of the Top 5 speakers in the United States on Change in 2011. Enjoy this excerpt from a live presentation to 800 people on why people change.)