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Are you Ready to Flourish
in a World of Uncertainty and Change?

Accelerators of Transformation

Your customers are more demanding. The competitors you know are improving. The ones that you don’t know are planning your disruption. Your employees are changing … or need to change, too. Your business must continually grow and adapt to remain nimble and relevant.

Rolling out new marketing, technology, or even innovation isn’t the answer. Your competitors can easily duplicate and improve them. Transformation is ultimately about people, and Randy Pennington has identified three accelerators of transformation and continuous change.

Make Change Work®

Everyone knows that they need to change. They don’t know how to make change actually happen. The truth is that change doesn’t fail because of faulty management. It fails because of faulty leadership.

Randy will show you:

  • The mindset shift that must occur for you to flourish in the future and embrace continuous change
  • How to build support for and overcome resistance to change
  • Why the middle of your organization might be derailing your change and how to engage them as a positive force
  • How to ensure that change takes hold in your organization and produces positive results
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“Change,  when it is done well, is a competitive advantage and allows you to be more nimble and relevant in the marketplace.” 

Randy Pennington

A Results Rule!® Culture

Your culture always wins. Companies and teams that flourish in the future will consciously design and sustain a culture that…

  • Executes in the present
  • Anticipates the future and effectively responds to change
  • Creates a compelling environment that engages everyone to succeed

Randy will show you:

  • The six conscious choices that form the foundation for a strong culture
  • How to hardwire your culture for success in the future
  • Why you need a culture of excellence not just an excellent culture
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“The only question – will your current culture sustain you and enable you to deliver the results you need in the future?”

Randy Pennington

Integrity-Driven® Leadership

The leaders who inspire others to achieve greatness during turbulent times earn the trust of others. A continuous quest for completeness guides their personal, interpersonal, and organizational leadership decisions and actions.

Randy will show you:

  • Why leaders have failed to fully utilize a quest for integrity as a core value
  • The five key components that influence others to trust your leadership and your organization
  • How to promote an Integrity-Driven® culture that increases accountability and drives continuous change
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“Effective leadership is a combination of skill and art. The skills can be taught. The art of leadership is learning when to use the right skill.”

Randy Pennington

“The improvement during the past year has been remarkable highlighted by our $25 million profit turnaround. Your involvement and leadership has been extremely beneficial in achieving this result.”

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Randy Pennington

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Randy helps leaders deliver positive results in a world of endless uncertainty and change. Randy’s original insights are grounded in a unique blend of solid research and continuing hands-on work with leaders and organizations in a variety of industries. Whether you need a keynote presentation, facilitation, a strategic workshop, or in-depth consulting and advisory support, Randy’s ability to develop solutions that work in your world provide a catalyst for delivering results.

Randy is author of the award-winning books Results Rule! and Make Change Work. His insights have appeared in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, the New York Times, and as a contributor to the Huffington Post.

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“Randy Pennington is one of the few experts who can deliver a compelling keynote speech and then work with you to actually implement ideas in your organization.”

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